Reed and Cheryl Sanders have been involved in nutrition and fitness their entire lives. They are both educators and public speakers who have dedicated their careers to helping others realize their potential through natural health modalities, nutrition, supplementation and exercise. As a married team, they spend their days improving other people's lives through their nutritional expertise and weight loss/detox programs. Zen Formulas is dedicated to nutritional education and motivation to empower and help men, women and families of all ages improve their quality of life, be strong, healthy and fit, and in turn, pay the knowledge forward to help others.

Reed Sanders has over 30 years experience in sports nutrition, anti-aging, weight loss and hormone therapy for men and women. Growing up in West Texas, and becoming an All State athlete in football and basketball. He attended Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. He has worked as a fitness model for several mens health magazines and currently a supporter of the martial arts community. Being a Certified Sports Nutritionist and extreme sport athlete helps maintain his 6’4, 220 frame. In addition to working as a consultant for several supplement companies over the years, his current focus is developing formulations and managing operations for Zen Formulas.

Cheryl Sanders, also in her 50's, grew up in Pensacola, Florida the only girl in a family of 5 brothers. She moved to Los Angeles in1981, earned her 2nd degree black belt and became a World Champion Kick-boxer. She segued her world title into a successful movie career, becoming one of the top stuntwoman in the world in the late 1980's and 1990's. A "hover-board" accident and near death experience on the set of big-budget cult movie "Back To The Future, Part 2", opened her eyes to the world of natural health and nutrition.

Cheryl was accidentally dropped from a cable 22 feet above the concrete and suffered a critical concussion and five subsequent reconstructive surgeries to her face, arm and hand. These injuries and operations left her desperate to regain her health. Cheryl's accident led her on an intensive natural health search on how to detoxify and rid her body of drugs, anesthesia and poisons, balance her pH, and fortify and regain her health. Her research literally altered her life path to include natural health, wellness, going back to school and becoming a certified nutritionist and subsequently helping others through nutritional education... Through her own tragic accident and road to recovery she uses her story to inspire others.

A past co-owner and co-founder of 3 nutritional supplement companies, Cheryl presently spends her time as a motivational spokesperson and keynote speaker traveling cross country and globally spreading her and her husband Reed's message and philosophy of good nutrition and natural health to individuals ready for a positive change in both their health and prosperity.